Artists in Residence - Aggelos Chaniotis

Es ist uns eine große Freude, dass Aggelos Chaniotis am 1. Juni 2022 zu uns kommt und ein Monat bei uns künstlerisch residiert!

Aggelos Chaniotis was born in 1980, in Athens, where he lives and works up to today. He studied Art at the Athens School of Fine Arts ASFA, (1999 - 2005) with professors D. Mitara and Ch. Botsoglou. During his studies he attended M. Santorinaios’ workshop on digital forms of art and G. Ziakas’ workshop on scenography.


  • 2015 Aggelos Chaniotis “Rabbit Hole”, Athens Art Gallery, Athens
  • 2014 Aggelos Chaniotis – George Aggelopoulos “Mutual Gathering”, Zina Athanasiadou Gallery, Thessaloniki
  • 2008 Aggelos Chaniotis “Illusions of a dream”, Athens Art Gallery, Athens


  • 2019 “Warming…” E Art Gallery, Paros.
  • 2017 So Greek so Contemporary, Dimitrakopoulou Hall, Paros
  • 2015 Summer 2015, Athens Art Gallery, Athens
  • 2014 Summer Stochasms, Athens Art Gallery, Athens
  • 2014 Festivart at Lab2art , Art Festival, Loutraki
  • 2010 Days of Summer, Athens Art Gallery, Athens
  • 2010 Velvet Bus, “Smallest gallery in the world”
  • 2009 Art Athina, “Tae Kwon Do” building, Athens
  • 2007 Art Hall Show, “UNFAIR”, Athens, Thessaloniki
  • 2007 ARTOWER AGORA, Inside-Outside Looks 2, Athens
  • 2005 Seven Cum Laude students of Athens School of fine arts, ASFA Museum of Art, Athens
  • 2002 AMONG OTHERS, Dionisiou Aeropagiti, Athens.
  • 2001 Gallery Pieridis, Glyfada, OMADA TRIA, Glyfada
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