The SCHÜTZ Art Society

During the many years of their gallery-owning activities, Josef and Irene Schütz have succeeded in establishing particularly friendly and family-like relationships with art connoisseurs, who not only enjoy collecting, but also consciously undertake in-depth artistic analysis. These are art-lovers who take pleasure in studying the origins of artworks, understand their cultural background, or wish to delve into the biographies of individual artists in order to do justice to their oeuvre in its entirety.

On the basis of the SCHÜTZ Art Museum in Engelhartszell, the SCHÜTZ Art Society initiative is intended to accentuate special and attractive aspects of artistic appreciation. Interesting event formats with exciting topics are already under consideration that will seek to attract persons, who as yet may not have such a close affinity with art. This is in accordance with the motto: experience the pleasures of the arts and engender enthusiasm for artistic encounters.

A major task of the SCHÜTZ Art Society will be the furtherance of both art and artists. One element of this artistic advancement is the Artist in Residence Programme, in the course of which especially talented prospects from as many regions of the world as possible will be invited to pitch their tents in Upper Austria for a certain period of time. This will ensure a contribution to intercultural exchanges, mutual learning and inspiration. 

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